Vintage car city tour

A very special way to explore Havana for more than an hour, visiting the most interesting places in the Cuban capital from the seat of a classic American car from the 1950s. It will be picked up at 09.00 (time may be adjusted) to start this panoramic tour of the city Pass by the Miramar district, Plaza de la Revolucion and the University of Havana, stop at the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba .

The tour does not end here, after experience of old cars, prepare for a comprehensive walking tour of the historic center of Havana. This tour begins from a place considered by many to be the masterpiece of architecture in the country: the Capitol building. You will visit the Central Park of the city, making the most of your time to see the former Supreme Court of Justice, now home to a museum of fine arts; the only Hotel Inglaterra and the world-famous Grand Theater, home to Incipal of ballet and opera in Cuba. 
Later, enjoy a stroll along the main pedestrian street of Old Havana, Obispo, and experience the atmosphere of the city with street vendors, bars, artist studios and the famous Floridita bar-restaurant, among other emblematic places. 
The final part of the walking tour will be dedicated to discovering the four main squares in the historic centre of Havana. 
Includes lunch. Does not include transfer back to your hotel. 
09:00 AM


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