About us

JELOUU Holidays tourism packages will combine flights, accommodation, group and private transfers, excursions and added value (where possible) for its customers, relying on the experience and competitive advantage of air travel in European contracting, through its mother company, Online Tours, that has more than 20 years of experience, mainly through Iberia.

This brand will support its portfolio of B2B customers by offering a tailored solution to a pool of Tour operators and Travel Agencies, who wish to operate holidays to Cuba but do not have the product knowledge nor the infrastructure and experience necessary to do so.

JELOUU Holidays has a team of three supervisors: two in Havana and one in Varadero, with the aim of guaranteeing the assistance and satisfaction of its customers.

This brand will guarantee the increase of passengers to Cuba and will offer all tourist regions with a differentiated product that combines Sun and Beach with our heritage cities, highlighting Cuba as a unique destination due to its culture and its people.