Bars & memories

Pick up at the hotel to start the visit and live the experience of discovering a part of Cuban history through the tradition linked to bars and wineries. 
We will visit the fabulous Rum Museum to introduce ourselves to this part of Cuban culture. The tour takes place in this very well-preserved historical building, where the different stages in rum manufacturing are explained. We can distinguish from the planting of the sugar cane, passing through the ritual of aging in the barrels, through the history of the mills, to the sugar factories, the steam train, and all the necessary steps until we find the rum people  enjoy . 
Then we will start a tour of the most famous bars in the city and the new bars that bring contemporaneity.They will attend a master cocktail bar class, where they will learn to prepare a Cuban cocktail.
 End of the tour ,and return to the hotel. 
Half day
Maximum 4 hours
9:30 AM


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