Singles Party 2024 at the Meliá Las Antillas hotel - Singles Party - 6 nights event entering on Sunday September 15th, 2024-Meliá Las Antillas - from 275 €

Singles Party 2024 at the Meliá Las Antillas hotel


The most fun party of the year is coming to Meliá Las Antillas! 
This Adults Only Resort (+16 years old), located in the beautiful beach resort of Varadero, will host the Singles Party, organised by Meliá Hotels International Cuba. Adventure, fun and entertainment define this unique event, which offers the most authentic experiences of this beautiful Caribbean island.
Join your most daring colleagues and join this journey through the soul of the island!


Event from  September 15th to 22th 2024 at the Meliá Las Antillas 4* hotel in Varadero.


Sunday  September 15th: The adventure begins

Personalised check in with welcome cocktail.
Handing out of the programme of activities.
19:30h "Sunset" cocktail on the beach.
Dinner in the reserved area of the buffet with the entertainers.
21:30h Ritmo Sabor party...
23:00h Cuban party and Cuban rhythms classes in the discotheque.


Monday September 16th: Caribbean Fun

10:30h Meeting at the animation theatre.
12:00h Dancing with a musical group on the beach.
15:30h Aqua Gym in the swimming pool.
16:00h Rum game.
20:00h Welcome cocktail and dinner by the pool. Secret friend mailbox.
21:30h Great rock concert.
23:00h Disco party.


Tuesday, September 17th: Proa to paradise

Option to take a boat excursion to the island of Cayo Blanco, at the client's expense.
Dinner in the reserved area of the buffet with the entertainers.
21:30h International show.
23:00h Disco party.


Wednesday September 18th: To the rhythm of Varadero

10:00h Carnival on the beach.
15:00h Election of Miss Bachelorette on the beach.
Classes of Cuban rhythms.
20:00h Dinner at the Conuco "Cuba Única".
21:30h Foam party on the beach.


Thursday, September 19th: Experiencing Havana

Option to make the excursion to Havana with accommodation and special dinner at Tryp Habana libre, at the client's expense.
Dinner in the reserved area of the buffet with the entertainers.
21:30h Show.
23:30h Disco party.
Night not included at the Meliá Las Antillas hotel. On your own you can stay at this hotel or in Havana.


Friday September 20th: The Soul of Cuba

Return to the hotel from Havana (if you have taken the excursion on your own).
Dinner in the reserved area of the buffet with the entertainers.
21:30h Aquatic ballet.
23:00h Disco party. Election of Mister Bachelor.


Saturday September 21th: Just Live

10:30h Discovering the secret friend. Exchange of gifts.
12:30h Cuban day.
16:00h Game of bachelors and bachelorettes in the swimming pool (ideal couple).
20:00h Dinner on the beach "Farewell night", farewell and prize for the most participative. Grand prize for bachelors and bachelorettes.
21:30h Pool party.


Sunday September 22th: See you soon

Farewell to the bachelors and bachelorettes.
End of the event.



This event includes:
Activities described in the programme.
Participation in the event.
Meals according to the programme.

Accommodation is paid separately according to seasonal rates.

Single´s Party 2024 hotel Los Cactus - Singles Party - 7 nights package entering on Sunday 08/09/24- Los Cactus - from 292 €

Single´s Party 2024 hotel Los Cactus


Every year in Cuba, the best and most fun international meeting is organised, attended by hundreds of bachelors and bachelorettes from different countries.
The setting for this meeting is the magnificent Caribbean beaches of Varadero and the content is a wonderful and full programme of entertainment designed especially for the occasion, with competitions by country, contests, prizes, dance classes, parties until dawn, as well as visits and excursions by bus or catamaran around the area and to islands close to Varadero.


Event from 8 to 14 September 2024 at the Los Cactus 4* hotel in Varadero.


Sunday September 8th: Welcome!

Welcome cocktail reception, handing out of the programme and identification handle.
Allegorical decoration in the lobby for the welcome.
12:30h Delicious kebabs at the beach bar. DJ music.
16:00h Spicy participation games at the swimming pool.
16:30h Latin dance classes in random pairs.
19:00h Enjoy the "Afrodita" cocktail and the unique bolero atmosphere at the Dunas bar.
20:00h Welcome dinner in the Gardens. Presentation of the entertainment team.
22:00h Friendship party on the beach, let's get to know each other!!! We open the love mailbox.


Monday  September 9th: Warming up

10:30h Enjoy one of the best beach areas in Varadero, games, music, water sports.
11:00h Singles Voli. Adam and Eve (boys vs girls).
12:30h Great paella at the beach bar.
16:30h Foam party in the swimming pool.
20:00h Dinner a la carte with previous reservation.
21:30h Caribbean flavour with live music.
22:30h Hot party (sexy themed costumes). Rewarding the most original. In the disco area.


Tuesday September 10th: Be Yourself!!!

10:30h Practical class of relaxing massage in couples on the beach.
12:30h Lunch at the buffet table.
15:30h Chill by the pool with entertainment.
20:00h Black and white dinner in the pool area.
21:30h Aquatic ballet.
22:30h Pirate night. Hidden treasure.


Wednesday  September 11th: Single and tasty!

10:30h Free morning.
11:30h Love enters through the kitchen with "The Cuban Sandwich". Preparation and tasting.
13:00h Free afternoon.
20:00h Dinner at the buffet table. Musical group.
22:30h Pajama party. The sexiest pyjamas.


Thursday  September 12th: Charm Day!!!

10:30h Free morning.
12:30h Lunch.
15:00h "Lie to me, I like it". Animation activity in the afternoon at the swimming pool. Prize for the best compliment (1 massage for two people).
19:00h "Temptation cocktail" at sunset with live music. Photos at the arch of love.
20:00h Dinner in the à la carte restaurant by reservation.
21:30h Magic show.
23:00h Cabaret night in Varadero, at the expense of the traveller, to be booked on arrival with the public relations...


Friday September 13th: Falling into temptation

10:30h Aerobics in pairs.
11:00h Sand sculpture competition. Wet T-shirts. Election of Mr & Mrs Bikini.
12:30h Skewers on the beach.
16:30h Election of the ideal couple.
19:00h Dinner "Sunset" for the ideal couple.
19:30h Gala dinner at buffet restaurant.
22:30h Temptation party on the beach: participation games in which the losers take off their clothes until they are left in bikinis. Stay with me until dawn.


Saturday September 14th: Still single?

10:30h Games on the beach with prizes and surprises.
12:30h Big Cuban party in the buffet restaurant with live music, dancers, singers and typical food.
16:00h Bingo with Cuban Trivia. Cuban cocktail classes.
19:00h Cuban night at the buffet with typical food and show.
Prize giving, free week for the best bachelor and bachelorette to participate in the bachelor and bachelor week 2025, and launch of the 10% discount for participants returning next year.
22:30h Salsa night in the disco sponsored by Havana Club.


Sunday  September 15th: Farewell Day

Farewell and exchange of emails.
See you in 2025!


This event includes:
Activities described in the programme.
Participation in the event.
7 nights accommodation at Los Cactus 4* hotel in Varadero.
Meals according to the programme.